Day Twenty-One – (Time flies when you’re having fun)

Last day of the 21 Day Fix!

(Round ONE!)

I’m easing into my last day of the 21 Day Fix feeling pretty awesome.

I had a great breakfast (eggs, toast, Greek yogurt, blueberries and strawberries), caught up on some email, did a few chores, then will get my Yoga Fix done for the day.  It’s not quite lunch time here, and the rain is pounding down outside.  All around good times…

I’ve now lost 7.5 lbs in total.  I’ll post my weight and measurements tomorrow for the “final” results.

I really like the meal plan and the workouts. Never have I been so consistent in working out than with this program. Even when I was training for my 25K run, I would fudge days and put it off.  With the 21 Day Fix, I can say to myself “it’s only 30 minutes” and it can be done at home. No driving, no packing up stuff, no changing/showering at the gym…it’s been so easy to get it done.

And with that, I feel pretty accomplished. It’s almost easy to succeed, if that makes sense. You are totally set up for success with the way the program is organized.

Here are some food pix of meals I’ve made with the 21 Day Fix portioning. Like I’ve said before, there are LOTS of food options, but I’m a creature of habit and often eat the same things over and over…

chicken pasta 21 day Choc PB banana Shakeo butterscotch yogurt mango butterscotch

parfaitShay salad 21 butterscotchYogurt parfait butterscotch

Day Three – 21 Day Fix (Score!)

Alright, alright, alright!  Day 3 on the Fix is A-OK.

Weighing in with 2.5 lbs lost.  Crazy, right? In three days? That’s the unofficial stance so far. That could’ve just been the flushing of the salt, toxins, or whatever. Stay tuned for further weight updates.

I accidentally skewed yesterday’s meals to leave me with 3 green boxes, 2 red and a teaspoon for dinner.  At first, I was at a loss.  That’s a lot of GREEN in one sitting.  So, I ended up having a massive salad and using extra virgin olive oil and a spice rub (“free”) on the accompanying steak. Not too shabby!

The difference between my meal and the family’s that night was their big, juicy Caesar salad (croutons! parm!  bacon!) to go with the steak.  Their dessert was a half cup of Greek yogurt, raspberries and a biscuit.

I’m going to try as much as possible to align what I’m eating with what I prepare for my husband and the boys.  Because making two meals is silly.  And going to the grocery store and buying a cartload of good stuff supplemented by boxed cereal, frozen fries, goldfish crackers, fatty dressings/dips etc. is simply not logical nor cool nor cheap. Why would I purposely feed junk to the people I love?

Pushback? Yep!  It takes a while to implement change like that.  They all have voices…they know what they like and aren’t afraid to make it clear when they DON’T like something.  So, I’m weaning them off a few things and adding in better choices, sneaky-like.  I’m also doing some plating/portioning in the kitchen before the food hits the table, so there’s no free for all on say, the desserts or the higher-calorie mashed potatoes.  This way, we can all be a little healthier.

As for the DVDs with trainer Autumn Calabrese, it’s all good.  Some exercises really do push my comfort level, while other ones are juuuust right enough to make me feel I’m getting it.  I’m using 5lbs as my light weights and 10 lbs as my heavy weights.  I also have ankle weights, but have not been badass enough to wear those yet.  I do wake up in the morning with overall muscle soreness, but not to the point where it’s painful – just a reminder that I found some new muscles the day before!

I will say that the 30 minute workouts don’t give a lot of time to stretch at the end. Add in your own stretching post-workout to make sure everything is good in muscle-ville.


Breakfast: 2 eggs & rye toast, olive oil
Snack AM: Greek yogurt & pecans, cinnamon
Lunch: salad (baby kale, mixed berries, sunflower seeds, goat cheese); tuna + rye crackers
Snack PM: peanut butter on rye cracker, banana
Dinner: salad (baby kale, red pepper, tomato, onion, shredded broccoli/carrot/cabbage) + steak, olive oil

Breakfast: 2 eggs & rye toast, olive oil
Snack AM: Red pepper hummus & rye crackers
Lunch: salad (baby kale, red pepper, tomato, onion, shredded broccoli/carrot/cabbage, sunflower seeds); Greek yogurt & mixed berries, cinnamon
Snack PM: peanut butter on rye cracker, banana
Dinner: whole wheat pita stuffed with ham, baby kale, tomato, onion, shredded broccoli/carrot/cabbage, with snap peas and and red pepper on the side
Post-tennis evening snack: Chocolate Shakeo with baby kale in it (blended – didn’t taste it)

Yep – I kinda am a routine girl.  Not a lot changing up really.  The highlight of my day still is deciding what to put in the blue box. LOVE the blue box. Hummus? Cheese? Guac? Nuts?  My entire meal day revolves around what goes in the blue box…

The FB challenge group has been great for food ideas, mind you. All sorts of stuff  posted that I wouldn’t have ever considered.  Might have to try a few new things over the next couple of days.

Sighted: collarbone, possibly shoulder

willpower is a muscleThe other day I caught a rare glimpse of anatomy: my collarbone.  It lives!! Seriously, what the hell? Where has it been all these years? It’s actually kind of sexy.

And then there’s the shoulder. Also present. Two of them. And when I flex my arm the right way and hold it at a very specific angle, I can also see biceps.

These views are often fleeting, but with any luck (aka hard work), they’ll be around more often in the near future.

I still have moments when I’m walking along feeling fantastic and then I catch my reflection in a shop window, and instead of being proud of my newly evolving shape, I just see a fat girl.  Still.  Fat. I have – at the very least – 65 more pounds to lose. It’s such a long journey. Or, as my very good friend would say, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Sometimes that marathon seems to go on forever.

Even worse than seeing your own I’m-still-not-there reflection is the emotional mirror that comes with losing weight. All those issues that got you to 235 lbs in the first place start to surface. Stuff you thought didn’t matter or that had been dealt with…whammo. I’ve got some baggage to address, methinks.  But let’s pull a Scarlett O’Hara and think about that…tomorrow.

On a happier, fitness-y note, my Insanity – The Asylum kit arrived last week. It took me until yesterday to even open the box. One shouldn’t be afraid of a workout DVD, but as I mentioned before, I may have chosen something a little beyond my level.

So, I sat down to watch (not to do…) the fitness test participants are supposed to take prior to starting the program. This establishes a benchmark and best gauges your progress along the 30-day challenge. Well. I got through all the medical warnings at the beginning of the DVD (I’ll take that as an “out” if needed) and proceeded to have my first introduction to trainer Shaun T.

Let me say, I was exhausted just watching the fit test. This guy has all this confidence, and makes shit look easy, and talks to me like I can so dooooo this and that I just need to try harder and lift those knees higher…

The three people Shaun T. had working out were like, uber champions themselves. Two ripped men and a super fit lady. (Whimper) They gave 110% and pushed through that test with some heavy breathing etc. but not to the collapse-on-the-floor point that I’m sure to reach within 7 minutes. Even the warm up looked strenuous.

My first thought was DEAR GOD; the second was that there is no way I can do these workouts in my bedroom space. I may have to move furniture. I need my own workout studio. Garage, perhaps?? But the third thought was … what IF? What if this is the hardest thing ever, but what if I can do 30 days?

So, yes. Am going to try this workout.

Once I get my location established, my workout poster on the wall, my “before” measurements/photos done, and inform the family that THIS IS HAPPENING, then I will start. I’m currently trying to convince my offspring to join me.

So that they can wake me up when I pass out, of course.