Race report: 5 Peaks Trail Run, Sunridge

Mandatory port-a-potty shot of my new arm sleeves

Mandatory port-a-potty shot of my new arm sleeves

Sunridge is a ski hill.

Let’s get that straight right away.

Organization: Big city crowd turn out for the 5 Peaks Sunridge races, with lots of kids and families milling all over the place.  Registration pick up was easy peasy, and still available when we arrived a little later than planned.  Something along the lines of HOLY CRAP I SLEPT IN.  Luckily, the organizers were still messing about and every race started late so that totally worked in our favour!

The aid stations were at the start line and a few km into the run.  Post-run snacks included water, rehydrating drinks, fruit, Clif bars, Builder bars, and pretzels (although – me being slow – all the pretzels were gobbled up by the kids by the time I finished).

Course: The 7.5 K Sports course zigzagged up and down the ski hill and through the trees. LOTS of single track action and even a rope to get you down a steep bit.

My run:  I had a fantastic time. [EDIT: “time” meaning the down east kinda “havin’ a time” not actually real running race winning TIME – haha] I probably should have either run faster or done the Enduro.  I came out of that race thinking I was too easy on myself, that I’m ready to push myself harder.  Getting out there and running felt really good.

The course was jam-packed with hills, but due to the mostly single track nature of the course, there was plenty of slow down, even to the point of standing still, waiting to use the rope to get down a mini-bluff. Part of me wanted to just launch myself down this bit – why stand in line??  I’m not so pro, tho, and probably would’ve landed on my face.

I was challenged mostly by the single-trackedness of the course, and getting in behind conga lines of city slickers all wearing matching outfits. I know that’s not a nice thing to say, but this race seemed to be full of folks who didn’t possess a high level of trail etiquette, especially when the elite runners needed to scoot by.  Am I becoming a trail snob?  (I’m not an elite runner, btw, if this is your first read of my blog – hahaa).

Running up and down the hills, through the woods, along the river, back up along a chain link fence: there was plenty of interesting ground to cover. Everything was well-marked so that I wouldn’t end up alone on the wrong trail (like I did at Terwillegar).

And…that’s it!  Nice, little morning run with sun, my buddy, and fancy new arm sleeves from 5 Peaks that read GET OFF THE ROAD.  Kewl stuff.   We sat around after to watch the awards, then headed home.

Next run is the playful Color Me Rad 5K in Edmonton.