Day Nineteen – (Hello, Fat? Can you leave now?)

I’ll admit it’s hard not to be obsessed with numbers. I’m still only 5 lbs down since the beginning of the 21 Day Fix, and I was hoping (and wishing, and wishing and dreaming) for some outrageously big number to fall off of my bod.

I will play up my non scale victories again.

I can see definition in my stomach (abs, perhaps?) and I’m delighted that my arms are slowly getting some serious shape. (I ride the train in the morning, and flex as I grip the bar getting tossed back and forth, just to see my muscles in the window reflection… hahahha). It’s probably only perceptible to me, but that’s all that counts.

I can do almost 10 full push-ups before dropping to my knees to continue. I’ve been dedicated in getting a workout done (only 30 minutes!) every single day, and for me, that means getting up at 04:55 hrs, checking FB, putting on gym clothes, feeding the cats, then working out – followed then by the regular routine of getting ready for work and out the door. Doing the doubles this week means 04:55 hrs for the AM workout and then usually 20:00 hrs for the PM workout. My new mantra to get out of bed in the morning is “I GET to work out today!”

I’ve received lots of really nice comments from people about my weight loss. I suspect that’s because there is now a change in my shape. My mid-section is not so beer-can shaped anymore and there’s a bit of an hour glass starting to show.

All of these things are good.

Food is my biggest struggle. I’m following the 21 Day Fix meal plan, but have to watch the spoon licking etc. In the teaspoon allowance, I’ve backed off the peanut butter and exchanged it with extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO). Supposed to be better for me. (Love me that PB, though!)

At this stage in the program, trainer Autumn Calabrese offers a 3-day Fix to max out the end of the program: continue with the workouts as normal but the meals change to only include greens, proteins, very limited carbs and teaspoons of EVCO, with small meals planned every two hours. I’m not mentally prepared to do this bit. I may try it on Round 2.

I did try out the bonus DVD included with the 21 Day Fix package – it’s a PLYO workout (not to be confused with the newly released PiYo from Beachbody). The Plyo workout is JUMPING, essentially. It is a fantastical sweaty workout, and I used about half of the modifiers in order to save my knees. My knees were a bit tender afterwards, but am happy to say I’d be willing to do that workout about once a week. I could certainly feel it in my legs afterwards, using muscles that were apparently dormant otherwise.

Last but not least, the challenge group on FB has been very fun! Many the challengers post daily with their workouts, food, etc. and everyone is very encouraging. One participant (who weighs 20 lbs less than I do) dropped 15 lbs in 2 weeks on the 21 Day Fix. Wowzers. Others are a bit shy about sharing their progress, but on average it has been 2.5 lbs lost per week for participants.