10K pop-up training plan (aka I forgot I had a race)

Just had that runner’s moment…

seawheeze shortsMy Seawheeze race shorts arrived in the mail on Friday, and I was all “Woohoo, I still have 3 months to train and fit into these size 12 shorts.” (Kinda nice that you get ‘free’ shorts as part of your race registration fee.)

Then today I realized…I should check my calendar…

And HOLY CRAP I have a race in two weeks.  It’s only a 10K, but when one has done strength training and not a lot of actual RUNNING for the past few months, this is kind of a challenge!

So, yes, I’m a little worried I will be miserable or screw up my knees, therefore I’ve developed a pop-up training plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel:

Week 1

MON: Easy run (30 min)
TUE: Yoga – P90X2 “X2 yoga” (67 min)
WED: Tempo run w/ speed intervals (30 min)
THU: Cross training – 21 Day Fix “dirty 30” (30 min) + T25 “lower focus” (25 min)
FRI: Rest day – walking YEG river valley stairs at lunch time
SAT: Long(er) run (4.5 miles/~7KM)
SUN: Easy run (20 min) + Sunday morning Yoga (Meadows Rec Centre)

Week 2

MON: Easy run (40 min)
TUE: Pilates/Yoga – PiYo “drench” (45 min)
WED: Run w/ hill intervals (40 min)
THU: Cross training – 21 Day Fix “cardio fix” (30 min) + T25 “lower focus” (25 min)
FRI: Rest day – walking YEG river valley stairs at lunch time

And – promises of rolling out the muscles and stretching really well every night.

I checked my Nike running watch and the fastest 10K I’ve ever pulled off is 1hr 11min, and that was part of a longer run. Mind you, last year was about survival, not really about excelling at anything.  Given that this is my first race of the season, and that I’ve been a sloth and not gotten the training miles in properly…I don’t have high hopes for nailing any personal bests. I will consider this run a “training run” unto itself. (Is that a cop out??)

I apologize in advance for not training more to the good people at Rocky Mountain Soap. While it’s my first time participating in the Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s Women’s Run & Walk, I’ve done a 5 Peaks trail run in the same location, the Canmore Nordic Centre…and it started with 2K of UP and required a canister of bear spray.  Doh.  I think this run is a little more gentle??

Looking forward to a great weekend in the mountains for the race – just need to earn it now…!  Pop-up training plan is a GO!


My coordinated life: Zumba cross-training

When I dropped in to the Sunday morning Zumba class at the Commonwealth Community Centre, I was really just avoiding the potential agony of trying a spin class. Spin being part of my cross-training plan for THE BIG RUN.

Zumba. I figured I’d make a go of it. “IT” being a wild party led by a hip hop Pippi Longstocking with a huge grin.

I was kicked out of ballet class as a child, and this reality came back to me awfully fast. Some degree of coordination is required in Zumba, after all.  I managed the first two sets just fine, and had a blast. The remainder of the workout became a rollercoaster of flying feet and quick changes. My top half wasn’t in sync with my bottom half. My arm movements were a bit more like flailing T-Rex limbs than that of a sexy salsara.

The instructor, Anita, said that if we couldn’t follow along, just shake something.  And that I did.  Especially during Timber when I WAS a cowgirl in some bar, with, like, Pitbull.

What I liked most about this class was that it was pure chaos. I couldn’t keep up. People were everywhere. I never knew what was coming next.  I did start watching the clock at one point because I didn’t know how much longer I could take not being in control.

Zumba could very well be the perfect cross training to help me deal with pre-race jitters.  Being able to breathe through the mayhem until I catch my rhythm, feel the beat, and move to the music…shutting out everything else to get from start to finish.  I’ll take it, dancing or racing.

In the mean time, I’m going to Google beginner’s Zumba on You Tube so I can bloody well practice my footwork in my bedroom. Sort of like a teenager.

Where did I put that copy of Tiger Beat?

Sigh – whatevs.