Day Fifteen – 21 Day Fix (The mind game edition)

Week 2 of the 21 Day Fix was a bit of a PMS, sugar-withdrawal, brain game roller coaster.

I had a lot of mental battles this week, including standing in a Tim Horton’s line up arguing (inside my head – hopefully) about why or why not I should buy a single “birthday cake” Timbit, just to TRY it. Why? Why not? I must’ve been there for a good seven minutes before I simply bought a green tea and left.

It was rough.

Later that week, I was MAD about something silly, and instead of talking it out, I ate an entire bucket of Liberté coconut Greek yogurt. That stuff’s like silk. It is SO GOOD. Has sugar! Did I need the whole bucket? Not at all. Did I feel better afterwards? Mildly. But then horrified when I read the calorie count, sugar, etc.

The third incident (because it comes in threes) was the tea party. I had booked a tea party prior to starting the Fix. I’d already cancelled out making sweets and the little white-bread sandwiches, and was just going to have fruit salad. Something summery with lots of berries and mint. But I felt that a tea party without scones, jam and cream would be wrong. So, I made them anyway, and told myself I wouldn’t eat any.

Well, I did eat them. And I also ate some of the green onion, bacon and goat cheese tarts. You know, those tarts with the butter and cream cheese crusts? And the homemade dill bread and spinach dip. And two cups of fruit salad. And then 3 random potato chips I found in the kitchen leftover from my husband’s snack fest.

That day (yesterday) was a refined flour and sugar, full-fat cream, nutrient-lacking shit show.

Yes, it tasted good. But I was so acutely aware that besides the fruit, I wasn’t giving my body anything to work with. Up to yesterday, I’d lost 5 lbs total since starting the 21 Day Fix. After the tea party from h-e-double-hockey-sticks, I’ve now only lost 3.5 lbs. And I woke up feeling kind of crappy. I need whole grains. I need some greens. I need more water.

The good news is that I hit all my workouts this week. Getting up at 04:55 hrs is really my best guarantee that the workouts get in and done. The third week, however, is the option to do what Autumn Calabrese calls “DOUBLES!”

Instead of one workout per day, there will be two; and they’re split between morning and evening, and are again in a specific order. I believe the reasoning of the two workout timings is to keep your metabolism constantly firing. It’ll take some scheduling and determination, but I’m going to hit that goal and do the split shift workouts over the next week. I can’t believe there is only 1 week left!

I think, however, it’s a total given that I’m not stopping after 21 days. I’ve got a few rounds of this in my future. The workouts and the meal plan are a lifestyle. And I love that I recognized my tea party was not a good choice. And also that today is a new day, and I can forgive the silly mistake and move on, learning from it. (I need to re-vamp and create a healthier, guilt-free tea party.)

I love that I’m seeing what healthy portion sizes look like on a plate. I love that I can so see my shoulders emerging and that I’ve lost that little Grizzly bear hump of fat on the back of my neck. (Right? That was weird…) I love that I feel really good.

Day Seven – 21 Day Fix (Confessions of a spoon-licker)

Today, Day 07, I licked spoons. Every spoon I could.

With all the portioning of food this past week, I noticed almost immediately that I have a habit of tasting things while I cook or prepare food. Sometimes it’s not even about tasting, but about licking off a utensil after I’ve used it as opposed to scraping the food off or washing it. I’ve resisted that urge ALL week. It took a conscious effort not to lick. BECAUSE, all those little bits would essentially add up into a giant box of you-can’t-have-that.

Today, however, I licked the yogurt spoon after prepping the Greek yogurt, coconut and mango parfaits. I licked the lemon poppy seed cake batter spoon. And spatula. And bowl.  I licked the BBQ sauce spoon – my absolute favourite Old West Hickory. You didn’t see me licking anything to do with broccoli or kale, mind you.  Hm.

Anyway – things are going well.  Still down the same 2.5 lbs.  I can see some shaping and toning in my stomach/abs, plus my shoulders are looking more defined.  My arms and abs are my weakest area, and I’m happy to see some changes.  When I jump up and down in the warm-ups now, my whole stomach doesn’t shake like it used to (so not pretty). Throughout the day, I’m more aware of standing up taller, and engaging my abs. Progression.

Otherwise, I had a fairly grumpy week from Wednesday to Saturday. It really took off Thursday morning…Day 04 of getting up at the crack of death to exercise before work. I think the early mornings are taking their toll a bit. But then it got worse when I loaded up the Pilates Fix workout of the day.

I think I went in with low expectations (do I get to starfish on a mat for 30 minutes?) and came out of it with a solid “DAMN”.  Little movements called ‘mix the bowl’ and ‘stir the pot’ really brought on the burn. This whole thing was like an active recovery workout, since we do the workouts 7 days a week.

Funny though, I couldn’t get myself out of bed when it meant hoofing it to the gym, but knowing I’m doing to workouts at home, I can roll out of bed, throw on my workout stuff and just do it.  For just these reasons, and the fact that I actually didn’t use the gym ONCE last month, I ended my monthly membership. And I love my gym. It’s sunny, spacious, new and full of great stuff.  But everything I need is here.

Friday’s workout was the Cardio Fix. Just kill me now.  Splotches of sweat all over the floor.  Confession: I’ve never done a burpee. I’ve seen them on TV, I’ve watched how they’re done via You Tube…but I’ve never done one. WELL.  I’ve now done a whole whack.  Killer workout.

Lunch was a buffet at a seminar and I had to eyeball the portions. But not only that, the food prep was a mystery.  Asian salad?  Not much salad going on.  Red pepper chicken? The chicken turned out to be those “seasoned” breasts you can buy flash frozen. Like, everything was suspect.  The only decent thing was the dessert I chose: fruit salad with fresh mint.

On Saturday, I ended up having a lovely non-routine day, which wreaked havoc on my box system and my workout.  The warm weather might have also played a part, but I struggled to eat all my boxes. I tried to fit in SO MUCH that day (life-wise). I kicked more than 31K steps on my FitBit, but by 10:07 pm…still had not done my WOD, which was Dirty 30.  I got it done… didn’t feel it then, but in the morning – helloooo. Sore!  But a happy, good sore.

I think most of the grumpiness and irritability wore off by the end of Saturday night. Mostly.

Which brings us to today…Father’s Day. Day 07!  One-third of the way there!!  Other than the spoon-licking (which will not continue into tomorrow), all is good.