Partners & peeps – embrace the revolution

So, you’re on this journey. Of health, fitness, well-being and overall awesomeness.  And you co-habituate or have a delightful significant other with whom you spend copious amounts of time. And they are not with the program.

Maybe they’re quietly observing from the sidelines.

Maybe you’ve had to turn down a meal or activity you’ve typically done in the past. (Ask me about the endless bags of potato chips that regularly appear on my kitchen counter. It’s like we have a tree in the back yard or something.)

Maybe you’d like to be doing something physical while they’d rather engage in a more sedentary activity.

Maybe they bring home unhealthy snacks and treats and drinks, and eat them while gazing deeply into your eyes.

When you change and are getting stronger, it can be threatening. Empowering for you, but a danger to them. Why? Well – its change, baby. You’re rocking the boat, kicking the hive. You’ve decided to move in a new direction for your own health and well-being. It takes everyone out of their comfort zone.

It’s possible they think they’ll lose you or perhaps it’s triggering something negative in them.

While I’m full on supportive of all-around heath, take it slow and keep it low when introducing the new you to your husband, wife, bestie, etc. Don’t hide it under a bushel, mind you (own it! be proud! love it!) but don’t flaunt it in front of those who could be struggling with both the new YOU and their own desire to make a change. They may not be quite ready yet.

You don’t owe anybody your energy: if they’re sucking you dry, step quietly away from the negativity. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and don’t return to the old gang for affirmation when chances are, you’re clearly not going to get it.

Stick to it. You know, there are people out there watching. Watching to see if you can hang on to this new you. Might be for a month, might be for a year before they acknowledge your efforts and accomplishments. Be that awesome example for them and everyone around you.

Re-phrase your thoughts. Rather than saying to them “I can’t eat that” or “I have to go work out”, try “I want to eat something with more nutrition” or “I’m making time to work out.” Just flip it a bit.  Invite them to try something with you.  Embrace your positive spin and love that you’re being healthy – don’t resent the fact you “can’t” eat ice cream and binge watch 8 seasons of something on Netflix. (Haha – not that that’s a HORRIBLE thing…sometimes we do need to flake out…)

Sometimes this road can be really lonely. Whether you want to start, but your partner doesn’t; or whether you’re already travelling this path… At those times, it seems like you may as well just sit on your ass and do nothing. Don’t fall for that.

Just keep going.

Never give up.

Well, that was a little visit to the soapbox, wasn’t it?



March weigh in

March weigh in!

March weigh in!

Well, February was a bust.

Let’s get right to the numbers:

Jan 01 – 235 lbs
Feb 01 – 225.2 lbs
Mar 01 – 227.2 lbs


But then I thought about it.

I didn’t actually set a goal for February in terms of weight. I had my “run a 5K” goal, but not a weight goal. Combine that with

  • not actually going to the gym for almost two weeks at the end of the month because my time at work was a “priority.”
  • visiting Tim Horton’s daily since Roll up the Rim started, and partaking in baked goods (yes, Virginia, contests are a great marketing ploy).
  • I started losing steam on my water intake.
  • I ATE COOKIES MORE THAN ONCE IN FEBRUARY. And as Solana Klassen shared this week, sugar is a nasty monster. You have one treat and suddenly the old crappy cravings are back. White bread! Cookies! Bagels with ooooodles of cream cheese, and why don’t we throw some bacon on that for protein!
  • I consciously tried to solve my rough work week issues with food. Brain knew it wouldn’t work and I tried anyway. Dumb dumb dumb. Brain was right this time; should have listened to Brain.
  • I probably overindulged on too much healthy stuff under the guise that I’m running, therefore, I need a whole bag of nuts for protein.
  • while I continue to wear my FitBit, I stopped tracking my food.

Oh, let’s just stop there.

So – moving forward…my goal for March is to lose 10 lbs and stick to my half marathon training plan. (I’m going to grant myself a do-over on Week 4 of the half-marathon training since I didn’t actually hit the treadmill last week at all.) Those 10 lbs will be achieved by eating clean, following my running training plan, plus adding in strength and spin classes for March. Git out there. Make it so.

5 things I love about the gym

In my week of NO GYM, I’ve been reminiscing what I love about the gym.

  1. The ice machine. When I first visited the community centre and saw they had a machine that distributed little ice pebbles for my water bottle?? SOLD! Makes my day every single time.
  2. The Eastern European. This guy I love. He is like a horse out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby when it comes to getting in the front door of the gym at 0600 hrs, clothes off and under the waterfall in the children’s pool by 0602 hrs. Then he stands/lays beneath the falls for a good 40 minutes getting a free water massage treatment. Lately, a little round Chinese lady has been his competition. When she arrives second, she gets on a pink turtle floatie and lurks about until he acknowledges her presence and shares the space.
  3. Fitness classes. I’m too cheap to pony up for fitness classes, so having a whole bunch of them included in my membership is pretty cool. So far I’ve tried Rock Bottoms and Yoga. On my list is Bollyrobics and other cardio/strength ones that I know will kick my ass. Fitness classes are tricky because there is pride involved. Keeping up. Doing it to the bitter end.
  4. Edmonton Eskimos. Hooked up to the Commonwealth Stadium, us village folk often work out alongside athletes. Former Esk Gizmo Williams does personal training in the gym all the time and now and then I catch snippets of advice. My favourite from last week was him speaking to a player on the treadmill. “I do your workout three times a week. It never gets any easier, but I keep doing it.” And this guy is uber fit. Who knew?
  5. The anonymity.  The complex is large enough that I can wander from cardio machines, to classes, to the track, to the weight room, to the courts, etc and never really be noticed.  It’s cool to just be in my own bubble and work out.  And I like that other people are the same – doing cool stuff. Getting fit.
My gym

My gym (uhhh in the summer)

In the mean time, it has been a rough week.  Food wise, I’ve stumbled a bit and have been drinking milk, eating more bread than usual and just sucking back the cheese.

And I just had a text from my husband saying he’s ordering pizza, and would I like a tropical Hawaiian?  Freeze frame: I had a choice….1) decline politely and eat dust when I arrive home while everyone else hoovers in pizza  2) graciously accept his kind gesture to “make” dinner and then just eat one piece.

Choice #1 would have been ideal.  I chose door #2 with all knowledge that I cannot eat just one piece. Lady, tiger…?  We’ll see.  I still have to get home…