Four years ago I decided to make a conscious effort to change my overall health and fitness (and blog about it).

It started with a killer determination to shed pounds and be oh-so-lithe.  It was all about exercise plans, workouts, DietBets, and the like.  That kinda worked for a while, but ultimately, it all turned into getting outside and doing what I love regardless of my weight.

I took up running for a bit – despite being 200+ lbs – and that took a toll on my knees.  I spent six weeks of 2017 dedicated to training for another great run season when my knees protested rather wildly, and I then spent the next  six months nursing my hips, knees, feet and everything connecting them in between.

Talk about a huge bummer.  It was physical and even more so, psychological.  Finding (making?) joy became difficult.

And here we are – 2018. I didn’t blog a thing in 2017.  Everything hurt my heart.  This year it’s time to move, no matter how slowly, towards balance, discipline and strength, with a sprinkling of fresh air and music.

Let’s kick it back.  #hey2018


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