All my bags are packed… #shameless #johndenver

Piles made. Bags packed.

Bags studied. Bags adjusted.

Took out the tent. That was just a nice-to-have.

Bags hauled to work. Bags re-adjusted. Again.

Lost a towel, a jacket, a thermal shirt and a skirt. Hung on back of door at work.

In total, I’m sporting a 65L pack, and a 40L pack (right?? two??) and a small Lowepro backpack for my camera.

I swear when I moved from Canada to Dubai I didn’t have this much stuff. 

And in the end, it’s not that it’s a lot of stuff, it’s just awkward and bulky. I want to be vaguely comfortable on the plane, and not fussing with the 40L as my carry-on (even though I know it would fit because I’ve used it before, packed to the gills, as my sole piece of baggage/carry-on). The Lowepro pack can actually fit into my 40L pack, but I don’t fancy checking my camera through as luggage…

Packing for outdoorsy fun in Iceland and Scotland has been all about layers. Layers to keep warm. Layers to keep dry. And then there’s the hiking poles, the boots, the -10C sleeping bag… I just may have packed runners, too, when the time is right for a wee stretch.  And an emergency skirt because I’m travelling with ladies who know how to be ladies, and I need to keep up with that program, too. Yikes.

So, I’m kind of breaking my own travel rules by having 3 bags. But those are solo travel rules. I figure for the love of my travel companions I should bring the appropriate gear. They may not want to see (smell?) me in one outfit for 12 days. Or cut corners by solving all gear issues with duct tape.Road trip

Speaking of ladies… here’s to us! Four “girls” in a campervan, bagging Munros, hitting the pubs, seeing the sights. But not eating fermented shark (Iceland, what were you thinking??).

Countdown is on.  Hello, Iceland Air. We’re on our way.

5 thoughts on “All my bags are packed… #shameless #johndenver

    • Haha – right on! We’re only staying 2 days before heading onwards to the UK, so we have a visit to the Blue Lagoon planned and a Golden Circle tour on the books. I’m hoping to pick up lots of ideas for ANOTHER visit…next summer 🙂

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