Whiny McWhinerton

Tonight I took ice cream to bed and watched Gilmore Girls – endlessly – on Netflix.

Mmm sexy.

Full disclosure… I gained weight at Christmas, and then boom! January – even MORE.  I’ve been trying like hell to get back on track.  And the crazy thing is that I’ve been soooo good about making healthy choices: hitting the food groups, getting the portions right, mixing up my workout routines, and last week I even cut out all sugar for 7 days…no luck.

The yo-yo machine is making me nuts.  No beer, no cookies, no nachos, no cream/sugar in my coffee…and still, the weight is merciless.  I used to be frustrated about plateauing at 200 lbs, and now the dial is frakked up at 214. Seriously…

That’s all I’ve got for today.