If you don’t hear from me in quite some time, it’s not because I’m off on an exotic holiday, or that I reached my goal weight and am done blogging… No, it usually means I’m up to no good. And didn’t really want to or know how to share those shenanigans.

Following my 21 Day Fix (woohoo) I checked out mentally. Totally. For like, almost 2 weeks. I was still loosely following the plan in an attempt at round 2 of the Fix, but I skipped some workouts and didn’t eat totally on plan. Maybe I just needed a break?

I’ve really got to ease up on my all or nothing issues (ahhh balance – always my challenge). PiYo trainer, Chalene Johnson, says that if you follow the 80/20 rule, that’s just fine: stick to your program 80% of the time and you’re doing great. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I’m back 100% and feeling good:

  • Fun times at the Color Me Rad 5K with a great bunch of ladies.
  • My 60-day PiYo challenge group kicked off yesterday with a group of women who are ready to make a change – so excited.
  • My epic hiking trips are just around the corner, the mountains are calling…
  • I sat down and inked a workout regime combining the 21 Day Fix & PiYo sessions plus a running schedule in preparation for my 21K in the September.
  • Summer arrived in Edmonton: sun is out, heat is on. I have a glorious farmer’s tan.

Happy middle of July! Talk soon. xox

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