I don’t want to die because I’m lazy

Dr. Oz was in town last night and although he shared information I’ve heard in the media before, it was really a good reminder why we need to keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Every 7 minutes, someone dies from heart disease in Canada.

When you talk heart disease, 9 out of 10 Canadians have identifying risk factors: obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking…

Let’s look at obesity…after all, that’s part of my journey here. I want to be fit and strong, I’m running races, and working out, but am still obese.

Obesity IS PREVENTABLE and without a host of medications or surgeries. That’s the kicker, hey?

And horribly enough, it comes down to being a bit lazy.  Did you know that an extra 100 calories a day beyond your recommended intake can result in you gaining 10 lbs over the course of a year?   By not paying attention or not caring (it’s only ONE CUPCAKE, it’s only 3 BEER – lol), I sold myself out.

Let’s take that during those child-rearing years…when I was so busy raising kids, running around, taking care of everyone but myself… x10 lbs a year.  Is it a wonder that I slid easily from 175ish to 235 lbs over the course of the past 15 years? More cheese, extra dessert, daily double-double, TimBits (they’re so small!), vegetable – what’s a vegetable?  It catches up to you. In a not-so-awesome way.

Dr. Oz went on to say that when people are presented with the opportunity to get healthy, they take 4 things into consideration:

  • TIME
  • FEAR

And the greatest – the most deciding element – of those factors is fear. Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of non-acceptance from those who were part of their old life, and those who’d be part of their new one.

Well – I’ve decided to get on that road to be as healthy as possible. To not be a statistic.  Don’t let the FEAR of change prevent you from being strong, healthy and awesome in your life. Don’t give up because one thing didn’t work. Try again. Try something new. Don’t stop.

Your health is the driving force and energy behind the scenes of your life.  When your health is good, things will fall into place in your life.  Don’t wait until you’re 51 and being diagnosed with something you could’ve prevented years ago to start making a change.

I got out the measuring tape today.

I never did all of my measurements back in January when I started this, just the waist. I really should have done more so I’d have a better idea of progress, especially those non-scale victories.

(For the record, my waist was 50 inches in January and is now 43.5 in June.)

The 21-Day Fix encourages challengers to take all measurements because the program is about eating right, losing weight and shrinking inches. So, here it is in all it’s glory:

Chest: 41 inches
R Arm: 13.5 inches
L. Arm: 13.5 inches
Waist: 43.5 inches
Hips: 48 inches
R. Thigh: 25 inches
L. Thigh: 25 inches

For a grand total of 209.5 inches of force to be reckoned with!
And then the weight of 207.5 for starting the program.

And I’m off!  A couple of days left to get some more meal planning done and to put my workouts in my calendar, and then I’m ready to start the 21-Day Fix for reals on Monday.  Woot.

Side note: Dr. Oz said your obesity thermometre is not necessarily your weight, but your waist. (BTW: my boss, an epidemiologist, says the same thing. Whenever I moan about not losing any further weight, she always says, “But did you measure your waist?”)


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to die because I’m lazy

  1. Thanks Kelly for sharing this!! Today is Saturday I am getting nervous sooo much to do, pack, etc before I leave ! But being in the group is gonna help with my anxiety and overeating! When I am stressed I eat bad! About measurements and scale, the more I read the more I am convinced that measurements are much better!! 😄 We are gonna do awesome! 😘

    PS. Pepper spray! Lol….and I know you are a pro at this wilderness life so I am not concerned! Ok maybe just a little! And only because Sandy told me you are a pro…so ok bye bye!!

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