June weigh-in

June weigh in!

June weigh in!

Hellloooo JUNE.  Pleased to see you!

May was a complete rollercoaster in terms of weight – all over the place.  In the end, the magic number was…207.5.  Down .5 from last month.

I’ll happily take that seeing that my weight went up after the road trip, then back down, then spiked again after the 25K (whhhaaaa?) and then sank again, and on and on. May was a weird weight month.

So, I didn’t reach my intended May goal of losing 8 lbs. The non-scale victories in May included these:

  • donating some XXL clothing that truly is now too big (hangs awkwardly – I look silly)
  • learning that some days I wasn’t actually eating enough for weight loss
  • running my first 25K trail race in 3:59 hrs
  • my boss saying (every time she sees me) “You’ve lost weight again!”
  • having more energy and drinking more water

Having said that, I will revive that 8 lb goal for June.  With the 21-Day Fix program I’m starting, I would expect a good number, inches lost and some decent toning going on.

And we’re off: GO JUNE!

P.S. for the record:

Jan 01 – 235 lbs
Feb 01 – 225.2 lbs
Mar 01 – 227.2 lbs
Apr 01 – 220.0 lbs
May 01 – 208.0 lbs
Jun 01 – 207.5


5 thoughts on “June weigh-in

  1. You did awesome!! 25 k wow! Just keep going! We will totally have fun for the 21 day fix can’t wait! May went by fast if i think about it! Thanks Kelly for your blog and inspiring me every day! Looking forward for all that June will bring us! Xoxo

  2. Keep going Kelly! Trail running rules!!!

    The spike after the 25k is worth the research. Stressed out cells?

    Of course I have to ask…are you getting massage?


    • Nooooo to the massage – and I thought about booking something for just after and didn’t get around to it. Could certainly be related!! I will call my peeps for an appointment.

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