Race day dawns

go for a runThe big race is almost here and I’m pretty relieved.

Admittedly, to get it DONE. But I mean that only in a good way.

It’s going to be a sunny, warm day; my mom is coming out; my lovely friend is volunteering at the race and hanging out to cheer me through; I’m running with my dearest, darlingest friend and coach; her mom & dad are coming out to take it all in (and, rumour has it, to explore the possibility of beer & wings, post-race)…

That’s all pretty awesome.

Once the race is over, I have another fresh start.

An opportunity to set a new goal.

I’ve decided that I really like running, but I am certainly challenged to stick with a long-term training plan that is almost exclusively running. Running. RUNNNNNING.

In reality, it might be about time in the day. If I was not employed (but independently wealthy – hahahaha) then I could workout all day. Making choices about how to spend your day is another story.

Enough yammering.  Time to go get ready.  To run. 25. K.


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