Erg – running hurts

Wish it was easierLately, running has just been so uncomfortable.

With the big run less than a week away, the training plan is in taper mode.  But I’ve already been on my own tapering plan following my 10K and 16K trail runs: my calf hurts.

It doesn’t hurt when I place my foot, but when I lift my foot.

Sooo, I’ve avoided running too much since my last trail race.  Then when I do run, everything hurts. All over. Not just the leg. Aching.  And not the good so-glad-to-be-back kind of ache.  Just a I-thought-we-were-done-with-running ache. Body thought it was over.  Brain is already long gone on that subject.

Googling my injuries is a crapshoot. I could have anything, really. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)?  Tendonitis? Swelling?  Lazy ass syndrome?  Take your pick.

A 14-week training program is really great, but it’s almost like I’ve grown a bit weary of all the constant running and need a break.  I want to try other things (she whined).

Four more days. Will run 25K then take a break from it.  Just need to get it done.

And then, of course, I’ll be all “I just ran 25K – I love this!”   Or something.


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