Off to the races

Digging about for nail polish.

I should be packing.

What does one bring when heading to the mountains in shoulder season? Fleece? Down? T-shirts? Skirts?  Boots?

No idea.  So let’s paint the toenails.

Too distracted to compose.

Here are my top five for Friday:

  1. My first official trail race is this weekend!  I’m tackling an “enduro” race as part of the Five Peaks trail running series, Kootenay region, in Invermere, BC.   Escaping to the warm side of the Rockies for a few days, I’m looking forward to some racing and relaxing.
  2. I received an early Mother’s Day present from the boys.  It’s a snazzy Nike sports watch with GPS so you can track your running progress etc.  I am – truly – technologically challenged, but this watch seems fairly straightforward.  Can’t wait to play with it!
  3. Gotta pack bear spray for Canmore.  For my Canmore trail run this summer, Five Peaks just sent round a notice that bear spray is mandatory on all of the Nordic Centre race events.  Yikes.  Talk about motivation to not get separated from the pack during the race!  Better go pick some up and figure out how to use it while sweaty and distracted.
  4. Ordered two workout DVDsInsanity – Asylum Part I will be the second workout DVD I’ve ever owned (the first one being Buns of Steel – remember that fab 80s aerobic gear and the line “squeeze those cheeseburgers out of those hips”??).  I think the Insanity workout might be a little more than I can handle, but I enjoy a good challenge. My fall back is the fluffy-sounding but hard-assed workout Brazilian Butt Lift. Haha. Great name, no?? I’m old, I could use a butt lift. Ha.
  5. Won some money. I got official confirmation back from DietBet and I won $28.46 USD with one game and $52.93 USD with the other.

What are your plans for the weekend?!

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