May weigh-in

May weigh in!

May weigh in!

Weigh-in day is an exciting one this month, because I LOST weight and WON two DietBets!

Totally chuffed about this month’s progress, as it means I’m down 27 lbs total since January 2014:

Jan 01 – 235 lbs
Feb 01 – 225.2 lbs
Mar 01 – 227.2 lbs
Apr 01 – 220.0 lbs
May 01 – 208.0 lbs

The DietBets had an impact on my totals this month – without a doubt. Jury’s still out on the pros/cons.

The one game challenged me to finish at 211 lbs (doable), and the other at 208 lbs (scary). There was some strategy behind getting from 211 to 208 in one day, all very Biggest Loser “last chance workout,” don’t-drink-water-the-night-before-the-weigh-in stuff.

After I weighed in and was verified a winner by DietBet, I sat down and licked a huge gob of peanut butter off a spoon and drank a Fresca I’d bought for the occasion. I also ate a bunch of mint chocolates my boss had brought back from the UK for the whole office to share.  Sounds like some sort of withdrawal, no?

Either way, I’m very pleased to have April wrapped up and am now focusing on the last three weeks of half-marathon training for the Blackfoot Baby Ultra on May 24th. My May weight loss goal is 8lbs.

I’m on that downward slope to ONEderland. I never want to be over 200lbs again….ever.

Unless I’m taking up Sumo wrestling or something.

2 thoughts on “May weigh-in

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You’re doing great. Keep up the good work. The way you are going, I have no doubt you will never seen 200 on the scale ever again!

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