Finding what fits

Today I had a Fresca. In celebration of the end of the month, and that I have a mini-holiday next week!

It’s the first pop I’ve bought in a month, and in reality, probably close to two months. And it’s also the first Fresca I’ve had without vodka.

The story goes like this: a few years back I signed up with Weight Watchers*. I joined because I was overweight and thought that a weekly meeting would be the way to hold myself accountable and that I would become remarkably fit after several weeks of paying my dues and following a program.

The challenge was that I didn’t really didn’t fit in.  The program itself was fine – assigning point values to foods and eating my allotted amount.

But the weekly meetings were filled with middle-aged women (whom I was not ready to be kin with even though I kinda am one) who were obsessed with sharing information about putting snacks in baggies, getting individual-sized pre-portioned cheese bites, and how to be in control when someone brought cupcakes to the office.

It was all – obsessively – about food. Nobody exercised.

Week after week, it began to crawl under my skin. Weighing in, getting a booklet, receiving a common sense lecture, talking about food. I just wanted to work out, push myself, be crazy strong and learn how to balance food and fitness. But the room was occupied by people I didn’t want to be like.

I always sat in the back row. I never participated. I certainly never shared snacking information or where to find the latest plastic diet food in a box.

Until one week, I decided to crack a Fresca, pour off about a third, and top it off with as much vodka as I could get into that damn bottle.

Boy, oh, boy the WW meeting was A LOT MORE FUN after that!

I weighed in and lost 5 lbs that week! My hand shot up when questions were asked, I had shit to say, blah blah blah… I probably even hugged someone or high-fived them. I don’t remember. All I know, it was the best WW meeting I’d ever gone to.

That, however, was the beginning of the end. I knew WW wasn’t for me after that. I mean, SURE, I could get tanked and go pay $16 every week, but I reallllly didn’t see the sustainability in that.

Moral of the story: Surround yourself with people that share your motivations.  Find a weight-loss regime that works for you and your goals.   OR ELSE you’ll be a girl-drink-drunk on Fresca and vodka.

The End.

*Not trying to bash WW – there are some good folks out there.  Just not my cup o’tea.

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