Hitting the wall (ouch)

commitment meansOh no – I’m not that badass/hardcore yet. Not actually hitting the running wall, the BONK, etc.

I mean, hitting the TRAINING wall.

Of dullsville.

Of what’s the point.

Of who-cares-there’s-a-new-season-of-Mad-Men-on-Netflix.

Terrible!  To be fueled by passion, to make the commitment, to glory in the post-run endorphins to… when is that damn race again?  I’m getting sick of training. Are we there yet?

Commitment is pushing yourself when no one else is around. [Insert sigh]

This week is rough.  My weight loss was merrily dropping until last week.  Now it is stuck.  I’m 5-6 lbs short of winning my DietBets. I hate to lose. My right calf hurts. I’m not keen to run again since the last poo-fest and dizzy spell.

Oh yes, I’m whining.

So, I stood myself up for tonight’s planned 4-miler and cross-training date.

I’m sitting on my bed with the cat instead BECAUSE THAT WILL BURN CALORIES.

Good news is that my intrepid training partner and I will travel out to the Blackfoot area this weekend and jog/walk the 25 km loop that will be the site of our Baby Ultra at the end of May.  It will do me some good to get out of the house, out of the gym and into the place where THE BIG RACE will take place.

And tomorrow – tomorrow – I will run.

And love it.




5 thoughts on “Hitting the wall (ouch)

  1. OMG!!! i was whinging this week. Well got a touch of the flu…so have been so sick with temp and barfiness…and whoa is me ness mon, tues wed. run gear is PACKED by front door. Running at lunch tomoz!! some weeks it is SOOOOOOOOOO hard. yup. lets get back atter!!!

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