Trotting through Week 9 – training recap

Exercising make me happyWorking diligently on Week 9 of THE BIG TRAINING PLAN.

Baby Ultra is six weeks away!! My goal with this race is to finish with dignity: knowing I trained my best to do my best out there, and to run it with my awesome adventure partner in crime, Miz Jilly.

Leading up to the Baby Ultra I also signed up for a few trail “test” runs with the 5 Peaks trail running series. My very first trail runs – very exciting. I think this will give me a mini taste of the Baby Ultra run, atmosphere and overall experience.

This week proved to be a fairly strong training week with prescribed running, stair climbing, incline treadmill and lots of walking. I really need to work on getting in more strength and hills, though!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: ER 4 miles + ST
Wednesday: XT 45 min
Thursday: TR 4 miles
(Good) Friday: XT 30 min or Rest
Saturday: ER 9 miles <—- YOU ARE HERE
(Easter) Sunday: R/W 4 miles

Today was my 9-miler.

It all began well – maybe due to the Easter weekend or the fact I went to the gym after the lunch hour, there were scads of treadmills available. I hopped up and got right underway.

The plan was 1+4+4…One mile, then reset the treadmill; 4 miles, then reset the treadmill; and then the last four miles. (The reason why I re-set is because I can only get a maximum of one hour at a time and for some reason it is important to me to compartmentalize the miles…)

The first mile for me is always chaos and pandemonium. Seriously – my body goes ballistic.

  • What are we doing?
  • I can’t breathe!
  • My leg hurts!
  • What are we doing again?
  • Why?
  • Still can’t breathe…etc etc.

This nonsense carries on for a good 10 minutes before I settle into my groove of breathing and moving.

  • Oh, THIS again, I get it…okay, carry on.

I ran the first mile at my “easy run” pace of 4.8 mph, and then reset the treadmill. The next four miles went smoothly – good breathing, lots of sweat, keeping up the pace nicely etc.

I sipped some water and was in the process of resetting the treadmill when…


I set the time for 60 minutes.


I set my weight at 215 lbs.

CRAMP, GURGLE GURGLE – what the heck?

My finger hovered over the GO button.


I pressed GO…oh no. Not good.

I paused the program and hopped off the treadmill and ran for the bathroom. WOW. Nice.

Something was not going well with my stomach this morning. I don’t think I’m athlete enough to claim a case of “runner’s trots” but either way, that was a necessary pit stop.

When I returned to the treadmill I was sweating profusely. I walked for a few minutes then cranked it back up to 4.8 and started running.





I stopped.

Now, typically it is super hard for me to pick up on a run when I’ve given myself a break. That first quarter of a mile after walking/rest is a real struggle. I may have been able to push through, but something felt different this time. Especially the light-headedness.

So, I stopped for good after that initial 5 miles.

Makes me a little sad, as I really was looking forward to nailing that 9 miles today, but I think it was the right decision. Too much fibre? Not enough water? Too few hours of sleep? (I was up until 4am working as a volunteer at a casino for a local charity…)

Either way – wrapped it up, walked another mile – slowly – around the track while drinking water, then headed home. Feel tired now… will hit it next time.

On happier news, I have to send a huge shout out to all those who got me through my four mile threshold (especially Keith and Ms Megan) with kind words and wise running advice. The four miles that were once the end of my line (and life), are now under the halfway point in my runs. I actually RAN my first 5 miles without stopping today (minus the 30 seconds of treadmill re-set). WOW.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m looking forward to another awesome workout.

2 thoughts on “Trotting through Week 9 – training recap

  1. I have no doubt you will finish with dignity. I always tell myself (and anyone who will listen) that I want to finish a race with a smile. I know the race will hurt but I can reduce the hurt by training. You’ve trained you got this.

    Are you doing more of the Five Peaks this year?

    • Thank you!! Yes – have signed up for a 5 Peaks (enduro) in Invermere, Edmonton and Canmore. Might volunteer at the biggie “Trailstoke” as well… Looking forward to them all!

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