Weekend off-roading

This weekend I took running off the treadmill. And I liked it.

It began on Saturday when all the treadmills at the gym were all occupied by other runners.  I got nervous.  I KNOW the treadmill. But if I wanted to get on with my run, I had to take my 7 miles to the track.

I counted down the laps one by one by one by one… until I was done.  It took forever going in circles but it didn’t feel nearly as long as the monotony of the treadmill.

On Sunday, I went outside.  This was a pretty big step for me.  Typically, I really detest outdoor workouts. I get distracted by the bugs, the grass, the dust, the overall temperature, the wind, the lack of wind…you get my drift. Everything is irritating.

But this time?  Runners smiled and said “good morning” (like I was part of some secret society), although that might be because I wore my Buzz Lightyear jacket and looked a little silly.  The sun shone, the new shoes did the trick, I met a few hills and conquered…half of them. I sweat buckets.  All good.

My only challenge is that I don’t know exactly how far I’m running outside. I did Google map the route I planned to take before actually running it – so I had a rough idea. But when I tried to use my newly downloaded “Runkeeper” app, it told me I ran 20.3 miles on Sunday. Really? 20 miles?? Hahhaa.

Where do you like to run?





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