April weigh in

April weigh in!

April weigh in!

How quickly a month goes by!

March saw a more concerted effort to stay clean with the eating and stick to the training plan for the half marathon. Life balance still factored in with a Guinness-filled St. Paddy’s Day and a stress-eating fest of Crave cupcakes nearing fiscal year end.

In all, down 15 lbs since the beginning of the year, and down 7.2 since last month. I didn’t quite make my 10 lb goal for March, but at least the scale is headed in the right direction this time.  I tell you, there was a lot of sweat and spinach involved in that 7.2 lb weight loss.

Jan 01 – 235 lbs
Feb 01 – 225.2 lbs
Mar 01 – 227.2 lbs
Apr 01 – 220.0 lbs

For inches around the waist, I’ve gone down a smidge as well:

Jan 01 – 50 inches
Feb 01 – 47.5 inches
Mar 01 – too pissed off to measure
Apr 01 – 44 inches

What does April hold??  Well, it would be splendid to lose a bit more weight before the big race. Seriously – all vanity aside – I can only assume my feet and knees will thank me if they aren’t hauling that morbidly obese label around.

I’m sticking with the 10 lb weight loss goal for the month of April. Gonna blitz it!  And to making super healthy choices in meal planning.  Breakfast and lunches are covered, but dinner is always a crapshoot… Will look into some teenage-boy-and-husband friendly foods that won’t kill ’em in the long run.

For a little bit of monetary motivation, I joined up on Solana’s DietBet, which starts tomorrow.

This is my first DietBet, and although I thought the concept was cheesy at first, I found some sole sistahs who think it’s a great kick in the pants to the race season. So, I signed up.  This one is $25 and players have one month to lose 4% of their body weight.  Do so, and you get your money back and then some.  If you don’t make your goal, you lose your little investment.

Why the hell not… here’s to a rockin’ awesome healthy April!  Wooot!  And to baseline 4 mile runs! Woooot!

PS: My new Sauconys … make my left foot go numb.  I’m soooo sad. BUT that was only one day out in them, walking. Hopefully this will just go away, otherwise I now have a nice pair of shoes that can only be worn for like, 15 minutes at a time.


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