Late bloomer

It’s taken me six weeks and two do-overs to really get into my couch to half-marathon training schedule.

I finally get the rhythm and rhyme of it all.  I also am pretty religious about the rest days, and as the runs get longer, my appreciation gets deeper for that 24-hour window of R&R.

The training has become a priority in my schedule. That’s a huge step.  Because otherwise, I’m pretty good at talking myself into napping, bingeing on Netflix, eating cookies, etc (everything not on the training plan).

It’s gotten to the point that if I don’t get up and get to the gym at 0600 hrs, I make sure I get there in the evening. Regardless.  And there are benefits to late night workouts.

  • If you wait until after the post-work, post-suppertime rush, there isn’t that crush of humanity over every square inch of the gym.
  • Going into the gym with only an hour or so before it closes ensure you don’t screw around and you get straight to that workout. And run fast, so you can go home.
  • You can end your workout with a soak in the hot tub, a shower and your pajamas.  Yes, your PJs. Just throw your winter coat over top… (I need a new plan for summer, tho)

Of course, I’m still running slower than most people walk, and I’m not 110 lbs (??) after sweating out every drop of water from my body over the past two months… but that’s okay.

AND I have new shooooz. A pair of Sauconys for the trail. On sale. Probably last year’s make/model/colour, but hey… I’m excited to take those out into the River Valley in the next week or so!


One thought on “Late bloomer

  1. New shoes is always a great motivator! Glad you’re sticking to your plan. Seems like you have worked around the early mornings. Sigh. I go to crossfit at 6 a.m. three days a week & it’s so challenging to get up. Have a great week!

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