Four! Four miles! Bahhahahhahaa.

This week’s half marathon training plan required a four mile easy run. Easy Run. ER.

The jury is still out on what my easy run consists of. None of my running is easy. I never fall into that category unless I’m walking, and then I kinda don’t feel like I’m running.

As you know, I’m on the WEEK 4 do-over in training for THE BIG RUN. Week 4 is supposed to look like this:

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday: ER 2 miles + ST
Wednesday:  XT 30 min
Thursday: ER 3 miles
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: ER 4 miles
Sunday: W 3 miles

Well. Count ’em. FOUR MILES.  It was the worst four miles of my life.  SO HARD.

I went into it thinking I could just do a slow but steady (aka no walking) four miles.  I guess I thought with all this training I’d be ready.  I was so not ready.

The first two miles I did 10/1, and then I slipped into 4/2 for mile three.  The last mile (the big number four) actually was a little stronger.  But I was cooked. Done like dinner.  Awful awful awful.

When I slow down to try and “easy run” the backs of my legs feel so exhausted. Running a little faster makes my legs feel better but then my heart rate skyrockets. I don’t seem to have much of a middle ground.

So – wrapping up week four, do I promote myself to week five (a modified week five??) or do I go for round three of this set again. Siiiigggghhh.

If you really want something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.

4 thoughts on “Four! Four miles! Bahhahahhahaa.

  1. Stoopid easy runs! Nevertheless … if you look back to when you started, I’m guessing you will see how far you have come 🙂

    I just saw your blog … but at 4 miles I am impressed … even if you feel you could have done better. (I juuuuussttt did a 5 mile myself … and am thinking, “WHAT WAS I THINKNG!” … I was so not ready to do it … I am sore right now and wishing I had just done a 3 miler.)

    As for whether you promote yourself … hmmm, I am not a good judge as I am a total newbie runner.

    Still, I think you did great.

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting! Been in your shoes. Stick with it. I thought my coach was nuts for telling me during one run to speed up as a rest. Well, it works. You do it just for a minute, and it breaks the routine your legs are in, changes how the muscles are working. Then going back to your usual pace, preferably before you get totally out of breath, your muscles are all “ok, this isn’t so bad after all.” The important part of all this isn’t the “done like dinner” part. It’s the done part. At this stage, it’s almost more important to build your mental fitness, rather than the physical.

    • Thank you for the kind words – that means a lot! Many of the blogs I read are by folks who are wayyyyy ahead of me and it’s nice to know that all of this is part of the journey to get there.

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