March weigh in

March weigh in!

March weigh in!

Well, February was a bust.

Let’s get right to the numbers:

Jan 01 – 235 lbs
Feb 01 – 225.2 lbs
Mar 01 – 227.2 lbs


But then I thought about it.

I didn’t actually set a goal for February in terms of weight. I had my “run a 5K” goal, but not a weight goal. Combine that with

  • not actually going to the gym for almost two weeks at the end of the month because my time at work was a “priority.”
  • visiting Tim Horton’s daily since Roll up the Rim started, and partaking in baked goods (yes, Virginia, contests are a great marketing ploy).
  • I started losing steam on my water intake.
  • I ATE COOKIES MORE THAN ONCE IN FEBRUARY. And as Solana Klassen shared this week, sugar is a nasty monster. You have one treat and suddenly the old crappy cravings are back. White bread! Cookies! Bagels with ooooodles of cream cheese, and why don’t we throw some bacon on that for protein!
  • I consciously tried to solve my rough work week issues with food. Brain knew it wouldn’t work and I tried anyway. Dumb dumb dumb. Brain was right this time; should have listened to Brain.
  • I probably overindulged on too much healthy stuff under the guise that I’m running, therefore, I need a whole bag of nuts for protein.
  • while I continue to wear my FitBit, I stopped tracking my food.

Oh, let’s just stop there.

So – moving forward…my goal for March is to lose 10 lbs and stick to my half marathon training plan. (I’m going to grant myself a do-over on Week 4 of the half-marathon training since I didn’t actually hit the treadmill last week at all.) Those 10 lbs will be achieved by eating clean, following my running training plan, plus adding in strength and spin classes for March. Git out there. Make it so.

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