Armchair runner

February has indeed set in. The magical snowy deliciousness of Christmas is gone, and winter’s steely days seem to stretch on forever: dark going to work, dark coming home. Then there was a two-week deep freeze with temperatures between -19 C and -30 C. My body is shutting down organ by organ into hibernation mode.

Despite following my couch to 25K plan (which is really quite gentle & accommodating while still being challenging), I’ve missed a few days here and there on this schedule. I just want to sleeeeeep. In between work and watching Netflix, and sort of getting in a few walk/runs on the treadmill, I’ve been registering for races as mini stepping stone goals to get to that 25K.

I already have my Dead Cold Run – 5K – this weekend. Next, I need a 10K sometime in March/April – possibly a St. Paddy’s Day affair. Check out the Run to the Pub run in Bozeman, MT! How AWESOME is that?? Maybe next year this will be a road trip… For early May, I’m looking at the 5 Peaks trail running series to get in some longer runs, and then bam! Baby Ultra time.

In other words, lots of armchair running going on.   Let’s chalk it up to visualization techniques in the long, dark winter days. NEXT week, I shall be geared up into training mode…

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