Couch to … 25K?

Back on track at the gym (membership renewed!) I’m as giddy as a school girl with my treadmill workouts, my drop in classes, etc.  I even did yoga one day, which I thought was pretty tame, until I did the triangle pose and almost blacked out.

I’m one and a half weeks away from my Dead Cold Run zombie 5K and my running time isn’t really getting any faster.   While I do feel less like dying each time,  I’m still hovering at 45 minutes for 5 kilometres.  When I push myself, I feel like an Olympian after every run.  That’s actually pretty cool. But sometimes I just don’t push toooo hard.  Like when I went to the gym after supper one night.  Running with a tummy full is actually kinda gross.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So, just to add to that mix, I committed to a new challenge for Spring: a wee run in the woods.  A “Baby Ultra“.  Which is 25K. That’s just a smidge longer than a half marathon. (And didn’t I just say I could barely even do my 5K??)  HOW EXCITING!!  Google came to the rescue with a Couch-to-Half-Marathon 14-week training program which is just enough time to make it happen.  And it will happen.

At this point, if I was granted three magical running wishes from the tarty-but-all-knowing running fairy (aka Lucky Star), this is what I’d ask for:

  1. HEALTH.  Keeping fit and healthy as I build up my running abilities.  I admit, I have a dreadful fear of seriously hurting something (knees come to mind) that will set me back forever on this journey to getting into fantastic shape.
  2. PEACE. I want to lose the nerves prior to races and even just going to the gym.  The big old “you can’t do it” voice that sits there mocking me.
  3. MOTIVATION.  I need to compete with the person I was yesterday, not the anonymous people on the track, at the gym, or in a race.  We all have different journeys but boy, oh boy, I just have to resist comparing myself to everyone else and just motivate myself.

So, enough writing. Time to go for a run!!!

5 thoughts on “Couch to … 25K?

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  4. Are you gonna do Blackfoot? Cool!!! One day I will. I am doing Calgary Mara so Blackfoot is too close to that….Happy training! Every mile counts! and keep at it. Even if you end up losing a few days in training…just keep at it!!

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