The Vertical Beer Kilometre and other fun things on the Internet

Slowly, slowly I’m discovering a world of running, fitness, clean eating and adventure out there on the WWW.

It’s an amazing virtual support group, and although you aren’t supposed to believe EVERYTHING you read, I love all these very cool people.  Here are some of my current favourites:

Never a dull moment with your blender, Dashing Dish has the most awesome selection of creative smoothie recipes.  Seriously, protein shakes like Strawberry Lime, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Girl Scout Cookie and French Toast…yum.  The nifty ingredient in many of these is cottage cheese!

I’m getting some adventure inspiration from the fun folks at Pebbleshoo – hiking, skiing, trail running, gear reviews and even recipes… hello? Tell me more about the Vertical Beer Kilometre…

WellandGoodNYC feeds my need for both New York City and urban wellness, while motivation abounds at Roni’s Weigh.  The Live Fit Girl is a regular poster with lots of good recipes on her blog.

If I want to know the research behind my workout journey or the science of “sitting is the new smoking” I hook up with the Gym Lion blog.  Stats, baby, stats.

On the flip side, when I need a giggle & a drink or want to cook with butter, I tune into My Drunk Kitchen or check out Ree’s latest to-die-for ranch eats on The Pioneer Woman.

Would love suggestions for health, running, fitness, food, mountain blogs to follow!

In other news, I’ve switched my blog format in an attempt to add more photos and be relatively more engaging.  Wish me luck on my technical skills.

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