Altitude training, Hannibal Lecter style

Tell me, would I look like Sub Zero or Hannibal Lecter if I showed up in the gym with an altitude training mask?

I saw this and was like, YES!  Hiking in the mountains last year was an eye opener.  And a lung popper.  I was so out of shape that I was sucking air and had to stop every 5 steps and admire the scenery.  I’m doing all this training for my snowshoe trip to the mountains… and haven’t even thought about prepping for the altitude.

The trail Jill and I will be snowshoeing is about 11 km long, and it crosses two mountain passes.  The first, Boulder Pass, is 7,694 feet and the second, Deception Pass, is 8,117 feet. Er, altitude is inevitable.

I could rock it on the treadmill with this little beauty of a training mask. Hashtag whaaa?  We’ll see.  If I go ahead, I will be sure to let you know. Maybe it will have to be for a summer challenge.

Less than two weeks until we arrive in the Rockies!

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