The snowshoe trials

Jill and I have been out twice on our snowshoes now. Preparations are well underway for the ultimate snowshoe awesomesauce challenge, which is now less than two weeks away!

We snowshoed once at Elk Island National Park for a random loop through the trees (no buffalo encounters this time, just had a minor “are we lost” moment) and then at the Terwillegar Dog Park for a 3x loop around the hills and vales. Both times we got a workout we wouldn’t have otherwise had inside the gym.

The temperatures fluctuated all week and of course we got the -18C and -33C days for our training sessions. Both days I would rather have stayed in bed. THAT’S WHY YOU GET A TRAINING PARTNER. Jill had me hiking around in the woods in no time flat. She’s got an uncanny ability to set paces and challenges (ie. going through the deep snow – which was exhausting).

She also fed me rum on lap #2 and #3 of the dog park. All good. Thank you, Jill. Thank you, Captain Morgan.

Snowshoeing tip of the week: Keep your water bottle inside your pack because in the cold weather it will freeze and turn into a hammer that, when you fall on your face, swings forward and clonks you in the temple.

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