Accountability knocks

I’ve always been a bit of a loner.  That might work against me in terms of weight loss.  It’s easier not to push myself if nobody knows what I’m up to.

I came clean and told my family.  My youngest son is on board (“throw out all the crap food in the house!”).  My husband is super supportive. My oldest son is also pretty cool about it.  (Wait until I start upping the veggies & salads in every meal…)

For the January snowshoe challenge, I asked my life-long adventure buddy, Jill, if she’d like to give it a go.  Jill is game for pretty much anything, so we’re on!  She’s got a schedule and a training chart and a really big “we’re not going to die in the wilderness” mantra for this adventure.*  For Jill, it’s about being prepared and strong for the trip.  Weight loss is a nice plus if it happens along the journey, but her focus is staying alive. I can respect that.

She’s been awesome in keeping me accountable to working out, getting out on my new snowshoes and not losing interest.  And it’s not even that she has to say anything at all.  I just know I don’t want to disappoint her by keeling over and forcing her to drag me by my hair through the snow for a rescue.

I also joined a fun Facebook group with a bunch of ladies who are all at various levels of fitness who are looking to shape up.  One lady threw down a 45 day challenge starting January 1st of three miles per day: walk, jog, run, step.  I have to consciously make time in the day to specifically hit the gym (or street) for almost five kilometres of dedicated movement – yikes. Trickier than it sounds. But checking in each night to share what I accomplished is pretty awesome.

Now that I’ve fessed up, joined up and committed myself on so many different levels, it’s on for reals.

*You see, about 10 years ago we went hiking in the Adamants, got lost, slept under a Glad garbage bag in the rain and got stalked by a grizzly. But that’s another story.

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