Set goals, get moving

All right, so here it is. A new year, a new you. All that good stuff we strive for at the beginning of a calendar year with the hopes and dreams of awesomeness. My goal for 2014 is being FIT and OUTSIDE.

I’ve been around the block enough now that I know myself. Without a goal and steps to back up the end result, I am just plain lazy and don’t bother. I THINK about it a lot, but am no Action Jackson. So, how to tackle 365 days of lean, mean outdoor machine-ness?

There’s nothing like a timely challenge to get me moving. Like, something that has life and death involved.  So, to kick of this outrageously healthy year, I decided on a backcountry snowshoeing trip in the Canadian Rockies for mid-January.  That’s two weeks of training time, people, and then I’m out there.  And the death part comes into play in terms of it’s-bloody-cold-out-there and if I get lost on the 11 km hike through valleys and over mountain passes… I’ll simply freeze to death at -30 C temps. (Tell my family I love them.)

Time to put down the New Year’s Eve fondue stick, and get training.

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