Resolution run

I had to Google a snowshoeing training plan, God bless the Internet, in order to achieve my January goal. Cardio, strength and lots of interval training are on the menu for the 17 day countdown to the backcountry snowshoe adventure.

I kicked it all off with the New Year’s Day “Resolution Run” 5K for a spot of cardio and to earn the right to curl up in a blanket in the afternoon. Huzzah. Only -13C today and snowy. Thank goodness it’d warmed up because yesterday was freezing at -24C…

Running clothes.  That’s actually something that almost prevented me from getting out there this morning. The free jacket issued with my race bib was an XXL Running Room zip windbreaker type jacket.  I couldn’t zip it up.  And I really don’t have any special “running clothes” in my closet, so I had to improvise.  By the time I had on long johns, an Icebreaker shirt, stretchy pants, a vest, a buff, etc, I felt I could barely move.  Too much? Too little?  I’ve not had a lot of running in the cold experience. And I was chicken to wear actual running shoes, so I wore the hiking shoes my mom bought me two summers ago in Jasper.

My kind, supportive husband dropped me off safely at the race zone. I kinda bopped around in the crowd, keeping a low profile.  I felt really super nervous. Like I had no right to be there amongst all these happy, chatty clumps of runners in their sexy compression pants and head bands. I truly have no idea what I’m doing.

Turns out I was okay.  Once I started to move, and popped in my ear buds to some high bpm tunage, I forgot about the people around me and did my little shuffle.  Some people could walk faster than I could shuffle.  But that’s all right.  My ankles got a bit of an unexpected workout due to all the snow on the ground – it was like running on a frickin’ beach without the sun, surf and rum punch.

I got from start to finish in 43 minutes with minimal walking.  This could, of course, be the day I get pneumonia.  There was a lot of cold air sucking going on. I would’ve taken a sweaty victory photo but my iPod lost all life at the finish line. So, there’s the time to beat for my next 5K. Ultimately, by the end of the year, I’d like to run a 5K straight without stopping to gasp and wheeze.

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.” ~Dean Kamazes, Ultramarathonman

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